When you are preparing to apply for a new position it is important to write or update your resume. Your letter of application and your resume are your first introduction to the potential new employer so it is important to give careful consideration of what you include in the resume and what you include in your letter of application.

The resume usually begins with personal information that includes your name, address and contact information. You may decide to put the position that you are applying for on the resume but I prefer to include an accompanying letter of application in which I include the information related specifically to the position. Some also include objectives in the resume but prefer to include this information in the letter of application.

After the personnel information I would include my educational experiences. This would be listed in a chronological order, starting with the most recent first. In this section I may also include any certificates that I received as a result of my education. I would then outline all my work experiences, again in chronological order starting with the most recent. This would be followed by professional activities, such as boards and committees that I have had membership and participated. I would also include other professional work that I have completed, including articles written, presentations and workshops given and lastly, I would include professional organizational memberships that I have currently and have had in the past. It is also important to include any professional development that you have participated in and highlight any honours or awards that you have received. Remember that this resume is your way of showing your prospective employer what you will be able to offer in the position.

As a final suggestion, it is important to keep adding to your resume. As you enhance your educational experiences, publish new articles, or participate in new boards or membership opportunities, add these to your resume so you won’t forget to include them. Remember if you feel that some information is not relevant to the current position you are applying for you can always remove it.