Don McLean sang the song “American Pie’ in which one verse says:

So bye bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry

But with GM having to file bankruptcy just to stay afloat, it makes one wonder who drove the Chevy into the levee?  It is easy to point fingers and blame the GM executives who may have mismanaged the company. Or to can blame the UAW for draining the company dry in demanding excessive perks.

We can blame the Republicans for their allegiance to corporate America in which they appear to be in bed with each other. Or how about the Democrats for being anti business in appearance and who want to tax the heck out of businesses. The only ones we can’t blame are the Libertarians and Independents.

We can’t blame China since they haven’t started exporting cars to the U.S. Nor can we blame Tibet since they manufacture no cars for themselves. We could blame the Japanese for building a better car than America car builders could. But how about the Koreans, Germans, Swiss, and all of the other car companies?  Should we blame them as well?

Who do you blame?

After all: isn’t it the new wave of thinking? Blame everyone except for yourself?

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