The news is spreading like wildfire that Best Buy is ready to bury Vista and offer the masses what appears to be cut rate pricing on Windows 7. According to several sources it appears that Best Buy is one of the first retailers that is gearing up for Windows 7 with some unbelievable pricing. But there is more. These discounted prices will be for a limited time only. The dates are believed to be from June 26th, 2009 until July 11, 2009.

Pricing will be Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade package for $49.99 and a Windows 7 Professional upgrade package for $99.99. If true this will be about a 50% discount from what Vista sold for. But again folks. Don’t get excited until Best Buy makes this official. You see, this information is being obtained from a leaked memo.

This is a copy of the entire memo that Engadget posted:

Hopefully this will be true. There has been much speculation that Microsoft would be lowering prices on Windows 7. This may be the confirmation we need to confirm that Microsoft has seen the light.

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