Despite the alarmist title in play here, the fact of the matter is that more than ever, ATM machines all over the world are being exploited with malware. Boy, so much for those being secure as we have been told in the past!

Is this only happening to ATMs running Windows? That is debatable I guess. Based on what I am seeing here and here, it sure looks like even customized embedded installs are at risk. But realize I am speculating based on what I am presented with, you know, case studies.

Is there a risk of massive infection? No, only because a lot of ATMs (from what I have been told) use operating systems not based on those easily exploited like Windows. So for my money, I would do yourself a favor and just play it safe. Only use ATMs based in your bank, stay away from those units at quick-marts as they are not owned by your bank and if something looks like it is off, don’t use that ATM. Malware on ATMs is really not something any of us can prevent, but we might be able to lesson the chances of being stung from such an attack.