There should be an image here!There has been a bit of speculation that Microsoft Bing is actually beating out Yahoo. Frankly, I think it is a bit soon. First of all, it’s brand new to the market. So clearly, it is a little quick on the draw to start coming out with conclusions one way of the other.

Based on this, the most accurate run down I have seen thus far is coming from Search Engine Land in their analysis of what has taken place thus far. And based on that, just from a visitor standpoint, Bing is still very much a brand new thing. There is hardly any recordable traffic when compared to Yahoo.

So what happens when Bing starts tossing around some of those commercials they have produced? Will anyone care? Unless they re-shoot them with clear, specific reasons what Joe and Jane Average need to change search engines, Microsoft is going to be in for a big surprise. Not based on their product, rather the inability of their marketing dept yet again.