If you have not seen the clip on YouTube which involved Leo Laporte blowing up at Mike Arrington on the Gilmore Gang on June 6, 2009, take a look at it. These two techno nerds brought up an interesting fact. Can anyone really review any product fairly?

Behind this debate are some facts. If a company sends a product to you for free, is it a conflict of interest when you review the product with a positive review? How about if you buy a product with your own money and review the product? Is that a better way to handle a review?

What started the argument between the two technology people mentioned above, was the fact that Laporte had a Palm Pre in his hand. Arrington questioned where he got it from since he was not able to secure the Palm Pre before its scheduled release date. The blow up continued as Laporte was questioned if the Palm Pre was given to him for free which caused a flurry of swear words from Laporte.

But how does one review a product without spending their own money on buying it? Can one still provide a fair review if the item is presented for free evaluation? The reason I am curious on how you the reader feel i that it will dictate which product reviews I will take on.

I have received free software for review and hopefully have been fair in my evaluations.

Let me know what you think?

Comments welcome.