The Chinese government has contacted all international PC makers and have requested web blocking software on computers that are sold in China. The government stated that the requirement will go into effect starting July 1, 2009. The software must be either installed on the hard disk and provided on a disk for the user to install. The Chinese have stated that the purpose of this software is to protect young people from porn.

According to a recent article it states the following:

But the Chinese government’s history of censoring a broad range of web content has raised concern among some foreign industry officials and the US government that the new effort could significantly increase the government’s control over Internet access in China. Industry executives also warn that the software could cause PCs in China to malfunction, and could make them more vulnerable to hacking.

The rule could force PC manufacturers to choose between refusing a government order in a major market or opening themselves to charges of abetting censorship. Several foreign companies have been criticised for accommodating the Chinese government’s censorship requirements in order to operate in the country.

I believe the above statements says it all. Companies that wish to remain in the Chinese market will have to bow to the governments wishes. Unfortunately this means that censorship will be alive and well in China.

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