When you find content that you really like, do you usually try to share it with your friends? These days it’s very easy for us to share everything we find with anyone we like. I don’t share everything, but if I discover something that I know certain friends would really be interested in, I make sure to send them a link directly. E-mail is fine for this, but if you share a lot of content, it can become cumbersome. Dropvine moves beyond standard e-mail and provides a way to make sharing content even easier.

The service makes use of a bookmarklet to enable you to quickly select what you’re currently viewing and send it to others. Pick the people that you want to receive the link and then send it on its way. Your friends are notified by e-mail, but the links that you send them are stored in Dropvine’s own Inbox of sorts, which helps to keep things separate and organized. You’ll notice that recipients can even comment on the content. This is nice and helpful, but with the amount of content that I share, I think I’m just going to stick with e-mail for now.