Do you Twitter? Now you can get paid for your content stream from Super Chirp from a service by 83 degrees. According to an article over at TechCrunch the service will be available immediately for those that use Twitter. In a brief description of the service it states that:

Here’s how Super Chirp works. Unlike Twitpub, where publishers have to create a new Twitter account, Super Chirp works through direct messages (Twitter’s private message system). That means publishers can leverage their existing Twitter accounts to promote the paid streams. Users subscribe to the content on the Super Chirp site, pay via Paypal, and then get the messages via DM. They can also visit Super Chirp to see all those paid messages, and sort them by publisher.

This is a natural product for celebrities to embrace. But it’s also interesting for charities – loyal supporters can donate to the charity and get a stream of news relevant to that charity, or whatever. Some news outlets may try to charge for streams as well. I could imagine that at least some of our followers on our main Twitter account would pay to get additional information if it had enough value.

Any publisher that wants to sign up can as long as they have a Twitter account. The publisher sets the price, between $0.99 and $9.99 per month. Super Chirp keeps 30% of the gross, and that includes the Paypal fees. So the Publisher ends up with 70%

So there is another way to get paid for your content on Twitter. Check out the article about Super Chip or go directly to the Super Chirp site.

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