Many sites are stating that Bing has already surpassed Yahoo as a popular site for searches from people who are not complete Google converts. I am not certain of this result, but certainly there is a tendency of people to move to something new, to check it out. Let’s see what happens in a couple of months, when the new has worn off.

On the other hand, Yahoo must be somewhat worried, because they are nowhere near as able to pump advertising dollars into search as Microsoft can. Microsoft has ‘money to burn’ and seems more than willing to do so.

Now, new features to Yahoo are being announced, along with its mail service (Will someone explain why Yahoo mail, slow and difficult to use, is so popular? I really fail to understand. As long as GMail and Hotmail have been around, even inertia does not account for this.) –

from Tech Connect

Claiming to be on a quest to cut down on the number of sites people visit frequently, Yahoo has rolled out a few applications that enable users of its mail service to “do more, share more and save time.” To detail, Yahoo has introduced free PayPal, Zumo Drive, Picnik, and Xoopit apps, all aimed to keep users on Yahoo! Mail and not surfing other, non-Yahoo, websites.

First up, the PayPal apps lets people request and send money to almost anyone around the world, while Share It by Zumo Drive allows them to send and share files (videos, music, etc) of up to 100MB with friends. Next, Edit Photos by Picnik provides users with a quick way to crop, touch up, add effects and more to any of the photos located in their inbox or online, and last but not least, My Photos by Xoopit lets people organize and share all the photos in the Inbox from within one view.

Currently the apps are available only in the US but Yahoo plans to introduce them to users in other markets later this summer.

Will this cause a shift to Yahoo? The features are nice, but I don’t think they negate the problems elsewhere in that system. As quick to move on things as Google is, they could also implement the same type of services (especially PayPal).

There are other, less known mail services, which are very serviceable, and some are very usable, no matter the level of expectation. GMX is one of these, and as an account holder, I can state that the features, which increase all the time, are amazing. But there are also other services, too. Does anyone remember Lycos? They have a very nice net mail system, and yet something seems to be holding them back. Is it merely ad dollars?

I fail to see what keeps Yahoo going, other than the user brand loyalty. But that being true, and the large user enmity towards anything Microsoft, I fail to see how Bing can take over an appreciable amount of the Yahoo business.

I could be wrong, but similar to the shrink of Microsoft’s OS share in the world, it will take quite a while to get the final result.



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