There should be an image here!The funny thing about being a person who uses Linux all of the time is that we generally rely more on a quick command to the CLI rather than relying on some GUI assistance. In this case, where another Matt is trying to get his Flash plugin installed in the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, it appears that the most common and straight forward means of restricted extra installation was unknown to him.

This is something I see as a problem in making the easiest how to available. And to be totally honest, I fail to get why a simple bash script cannot be added to the desktop along side a readme for restricted extras. Doing this, can be easily removed by more advanced users such as myself without a problem. Yet by contrast, it would eliminate countless wasted forum posts from frustrated newbies who think that going to or Sun for Java is the best approach?

Am I wrong here? I mean, with distros said to be aimed at newbies and advanced users alike, would this not be a plausible means of saving everyone a lot of time. For us, less forum posts and for newbies, less time searching?