People have always questioned me about why I am so adamant about using the platform I have chosen for myself. Well, here is one example. It seems that China’s government is taking some delight in the prospect of making it law that all new PCs shipped new must have special proprietary access control software included.

Now despite this being software designed to run on Windows, I am sure that Microsoft has nothing to do with this. While it does tend to embrace DRM rather easily, I just don’t see Redmond’s software giant being interested in this type of thing. It would be a PR nightmare, so I am sure that this is something that has come about from the software company listed in the above linked piece.

But my initial point stands. Even if something like this were bundled on Linux boxes, it would not last as people would simply stop using the distribution that allowed it. And this brings up a question that just hit me. What about Red Flag Linux? How will it meet with these new requirements? I am certain that Red Flag is not immune to the coming changes in Chinese software/hardware policy, so I can only speculate if we will see a quick software port of this access control app to the Linux platform. Should prove interesting, to say the least.