There should be an image here!Removing the politics of what was being said in the article here (be warned, the link includes a disturbing image), one can only conclude that Yahoo is being a bit fancy free with how it is banning a paid user account. While it is clear that trusting any online service at all to host your images without localized backup is foolish, some might charge that Yahoo’s behavior was overstepping their bounds.

On the flip side however, others still would say that Yahoo did whatever they wanted as their TOS allows for such account removal should Yahoo deem it to be appropriate. Well, this is what some might say.

Speaking for myself, regardless of the politics or comments made, so long as it was not threatening to any one or group of individuals, Yahoo was overstepping their bounds in the removal of the comments. Even if there is disagreement with the statements made, I think Yahoo showed poor decision making skills as this is going to be a PR nightmare for them in the long run. But hey, it’s Yahoo’s service…we are just there to post pictures and make comments.