Asustek is better known for their quality built motherboards [Asus], which I have personally used for years. But Asustek has been trying to venture out to new territory by offering new laptop and netbook models. Asustek is best known for their Eee PC Netbook which has won raved reviews. But Asustek is like Rodney Dangerfield. They can’t get no respect.

According to one recent article, Asustek has spent so much money on research for their products, that they have failed to use any money for increased advertising. They now have plans to correct the situation. They want to be the ‘Apple’ of the ‘PC’ crowd.

Asustek states the following:

“Our goal is to provide products that are better than Apple’s,” Mr. Tsang said.

Well, at least the company aims high.

Like fellow Taiwanese PC maker Acer, Asustek has spent the last couple of years separating from its manufacturing arm in a bid to create a more independent brand. Its manufacturing subsidiary, Pegatron, sells close 60 million motherboards per year, making it the world’s largest motherboard supplier.

Asustek, formed by a group of ex-Acer employees, plans to create more distance between itself and Pegatron in the coming years by inviting investors to take larger stakes in Pegatron, Mr. Tsang said.

I must say the Asustek is aiming very high by trying to build computers using Apple as their guide. But can Asustek build quality built PC’s that will rival Apple? You decide.

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