Taking a picture is one thing, but there’s a lot more involved in digital photography besides taking pictures. Once you have the raw images, you may want to edit them and eventually figure out how you want to share them with others. A constantly growing number of shutterbugs are placing their images online, but simply uploading your pictures to an online service doesn’t necessarily give your audience a lot of control over viewing what you’ve worked so hard to capture. ClosR is a free service that can host your images and distribute them in an interesting way.

Once you upload your image, you’re provided with the code for a widget that can be embedded anywhere online and display your work. The interesting thing about the widget is that it enables the viewer to zoom in and out on the image and move it around, which helps them to get a better look at it. Controls also exist to make the image full screen and help people share it. People are doing everything with widgets these days.