I always enjoy reading about a state here in the U.S. that passes a law concerning something that is happening on the Internet. It always makes me think. If someone in Bolivia violates the law, will the state prosecute? This time it is the state of Texas which is in the process of passing a statute [signature needed by the governor], that makes it a felony to use a fake ID to harm others.

In a recent article it states the following:

The Texas law conceivably addresses those types of profiles on Twitter, although it’s not clear that courts would find that parody creators do so with an intent to “harm” or “intimidate.”

It’s also not certain that the law would hold up in court. Internet law expert Eric Goldman, director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University, says the Texas law appears problematic for at least two reasons: it singles out social networking sites and bans speech that might be permissible. “The whole social networking exceptionalism is ridiculous,” he says. “There’s no way to distinguish social networking sites from other sites.”

And, he adds, the attempt to ban fake profiles might be unconstitutional because it could end up also criminalizing legitimate speech. “There’s so much potential speech that’s covered by this, it makes me nervous,” he says.

So with all of the doubts whether the law is even legal or not, it is good to see that the legislative branch in Texas is alive and well passing useless laws.

People of Bolivia… you appear to be safe from prosecution. LOL

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