There should be an image here!Everybody uses their desktop a little differently. For me, using Ubuntu means freedom of hassle, believe it or not. Why? Because of some simple things I do with each new Ubuntu installation.

  1. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras – That single line of code can save at least a 100 wasted forum posts a day about Flash, java, MP3s, etc.
  2. Upgrade security patches BEFORE tweaking your system to your liking. Why spend hours getting the icons, wallpaper, menu layout, etc to just the right point just to have something go wrong with an update. With new installs, discover challenges early, update then tweak the system.
  3. sudo apt-get install gufw – Once again a single line of code that will make working with your firewall (IPTables) MUCH easier. It’s also when trying to configure open and closed ports, too.
  4. Remastersys > Distro backup – Once you get everything setup the way you want, and also assuming you were smart enough to use a dedicated /home/ partition as this makes a clean install a breeze, use remastersys to backup all of your tweaks. This is like creating a custom version of your own Ubuntu, complete with every setting you have made and using the dist option, you can leave the home directory alone and backup to a DVD with great ease. Combined with the dedicated partition, this translates into never again being put off when something goes wrong with your system. (Note: There have been some issues with Ubuntu 9.04 – check this thread before going full steam ahead)
  5. Use JungleDisk – Because that dedicated home directory is not safe in the event of a fire, backup that home directory once again with JungleDisk for Amazon S3 enabled off-site backup.