Microsoft has been dumping software during this past year and now they plan on killing off Microsoft Money. The software had been originally designed to go on the attack against Intuits popular QuickBooks programs. It seems as I stated yesterday, Microsoft continues to have issues with their identity and who they are.

Encarta bit the dust. Next came Live One Care which was Microsoft’s attempt at protecting our computers against viruses and spyware. At first it appeared that Microsoft was trying to take business away from the likes of Symantec and McAfee, but that didn’t happen.

According to one recent article it also states that:

Microsoft’s Adam Sohn said the company now plans to halt sales of the product at the end of the month. A variety of factors led the company to change course.

“It’s a mix of what’s going on in the market, what makes sense for long-term for us and a little bit on consumer behavior,” said Sohn, a director in Microsoft’s Online Business Services unit.

Microsoft will continue support:

The software maker has been notifying financial institutions and plans to announce the move to customers over the next 24 hours via a posting on its Web site and a notification in the software. Although Microsoft will stop selling the product at the end of June, it plans to support it through January 2011.

These appear to be cost cutting measures that Microsoft is making to make themselves a lean mean fighting machine. I wonder how long it will take to drop Bing as well?

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