The European Union is making it known that Microsoft’s proposal to drop Internet Explorer from Windows 7 might not be enough. The EU seems to feel that Microsoft has violated consumer choice since 1996 and considers this to be abusive. The EU may still take action against Microsoft for past misgivings and the companies allegations that Internet Explorer was an integrated part of Windows.

In a press release the EU states the following information:

The European Commission notes with interest Microsoft’s announcement of its plans for Windows 7, and in particular of the apparent separation of Internet Explorer (IE) from Windows in the EEA. The Commission will shortly decide in the pending browser tying antitrust case whether or not Microsoft’s conduct from 1996 to date has been abusive and, if so, what remedy would be necessary to create genuine consumer choice and address the anticompetitive effects of Microsoft’s long-standing conduct. In terms of potential remedies if the Commission were to find that Microsoft had committed an abuse, the Commission has suggested that consumers should be offered a choice of browser, not that Windows should be supplied without a browser at all.

So it seems that the EU is not totally satisfied with Microsoft removing IE from Windows 7. It seems that the EU is not falling for the shenanigans by the Redmond software giant that they pulled off with the DOJ.

Maybe Microsoft might have to include other browser options for Windows 7 which I am sure will irk Microsoft.

Do you think it is about time that Microsoft be taken to task over the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows, no matter what flavor of Windows you currently use?

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