I read with interest that the FDA will now take responsibility for the regulation of tobacco products. This new legislation is designed to hopefully stem the tide of new tobacco users and control how the tobacco industry operates here in the United States. But we all know that this is going to add more regulations and a new bureaucracy to the Federal Government.

It is time that we should take the bull by the horns and just ban the sale of tobacco products for good. There is overwhelming evidence that tobacco products cause serious health issues that no one can deny. The cost of providing health care to smokers cost all of us in higher medical premiums and also places undue burdens on our health care professionals. All in the name of tobacco and the addictive plant that produces nicotine. So how can we stop the production of more tobacco products?

According to one article it makes the following point about the new legislation:

Since 1998, the industry has spent nearly $308 million in lobbying to block the bill. Cigarette makers have seen sales shrink in the past decade. They have been operating under some advertising restrictions that were part of their 1999 settlement with 46 states, led by Mississippi, which sued the companies for costs from tobacco-related deaths and illnesses.

To continue to sue tobacco companies and make them pay for the cost of treating smokers does not seem to be working. The tobacco companies make billions of dollars on the sale of tobacco that the punishment does not deter them. Increasing the sales tax on tobacco products that the consumer must pay would seem to help to stem the tide of tobacco. But will that be enough to make people stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco products?

I doubt that this is the answer. A total ban on tobacco would be the only way to stop people from killing themselves.

Maybe the tobacco companies should hire a new Marlboro man and have him ride through a cemetery stating ‘this is Marlboro country’.

What do you think?

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