Reported in Tech Connect is a completely new revision of the Phenom II processor, the TWKR edition, which gets housed in a black box, helping create questions and a mystique that will certainly make for a run on them, once released.

The Phenom II model is supposed to be extremely overclock friendly, which might seem superfluous, as the standard Black Editions have been taken to 7.1 GHz, certainly higher than the level where most people will operate their computers. Given the Herculean efforts to get to 7.1 GHz, and that most users will not go as far as using liquid cooling for their processors, it could be assumed that these processors might be binned for their performance using the stock cooling solution.


Going into tease mode, Wallace Santos, the CEO of custom PC builder Maingear, has blogged about a ‘special’ AMD CPU called the Phenom II TWKR Black Edition. Seen below, the quad-core part is supposed to be able to overclock higher than the Phenom II X4 955 BE which, truth be told, has been doing pretty well by going over the 7GHz mark.

Coming in a cute little black box for extra bling, the TWKR edition Phenom is kept under wraps for now, with no word from AMD as to its ‘default’ frequency, price or release date.


Will there be TWKR mainboards? What about TWKR video cards? Considering how aggressive AMD is getting with marketing, and the extra boost that the news of gains over the past couple of quarters, on Intel, has given, I’d say there just might be.

There just might also be a surge in AMD case badges soon.


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