What is being described as an accidental posting in the Netherlands of the spec’s for the new Apple iPhone, begs to ask. Accident or planned release? It seems that with Microsoft having so many ‘accidental’ releases of Windows 7 hitting the Internet, that any ‘accidental’ release of any new product is suspect. With that being said the new iPhone will host more memory and a faster processor.

Here is what the ‘accidental’ release looks like along with the following information:

The relevant numbers are 256MB RAM for the OS, double that of the 128MB in the original iPhone, and a 600MHz processor, up from the pedestrian 412MHz of the first two models. The added RAM alone probably makes a huge difference — if you have ever added memory to a Mac you’ll know how much OS X loves it some extra gigs to play around in. And that processor neatly leapfrogs the second-gen iPod Touch’s 532MHz. It also shuts up anyone comparing the iPhone to the Palm Pre, which has the exact same number of megahertz: 600.

This sneak peak could be enough for some folks to wait for the new iPhone instead of buying a Palm Pre. What do you think is the better phone and why?

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