just finished reading a press release from Microsoft which explains why Internet Explorer was removed from Windows 7, when it is released in Europe. Though the description of what and why Microsoft is doing explains their attempt to comply with the European Unions request, what I found of interest were some of the comments.

Like this one:

What happens when people upgrade to Windows 7 E on an existing pc? Will they end up with a browserless OS?

Interesting point.

Well, good for MS. I guess you decided to make lemonade from the lemons the EU is providing. To ensure fairness, can we expect the EU to force Linux distros to unbundle Firefox? Apple to unbundle Safari? ¬†Android (Real, others) to unbundle Chrome? ¬†Or is this in fact about remaking the market in the EU’s image by allowing competitors unfetered ability to do what only MS is restricted from doing?

One could argue now that Firefox has a high market share in Europe, it would only seem fair that Firefox be removed from all Linux distributions.

So how would we download and install a browser without a browser?

Good point. I thought the same thing. Not all consumers have more than one computer in their home.

This was brought about by the makers of the Opera Browser continually complaining to the European Commission, about the “unfair advantage” that Microsoft had with IE bundled with its Operating Systems. It will be interesting to see how many consumers will choose to install Opera as their choice of browser when Windows 7 is released to market. Opera is a good browser, I am currently using it to view this page, but I am going to dump it and use an alternate browser because I will not support businesses that ask Governments to obstruct their competitors, in order to improve market share. They shouldn’t be in business if they have to resort to this sort of cry baby tactic. It is pathetic!

If this is true than it is pathetic. However, it isn’t anything any other government hasn’t done before.

One more point of Interest. Since the European version won’t have a browser, there will be no upgrade path only a clean install.

Comments welcome.