Most of us will agree that unfortunately there is no single software that we can rely on to provide 100% protection against every malware, rootkit, virus or whatever. As I have mentioned before, I use a variety of online tools to help in keeping my system bug free. I also change the software I use and with this in mind, used Previx 3.0 for this months scan.

Previx 3.0 is a small download under 800kb in size. The installation is quick and easy. The software itself is a no brainer to run. However, there are some limitations you should be aware of. The trialware is time limited and runs in “detection-only” mode. This basically means it will identify malware if present but won’t remove it. Which is fine for the purpose I used the software for.

Previx 3.0 scanned my system quickly, about 5 minutes, and as I expected found nothing on my system. Which brings up something else we all should be aware of. If you scan your system, using any malware software, and it determines that a bug is on your system it could be a false positive. Previx 3.0 does not work well with Alcohol 120% and will report the software as a critter.

While most malware software depends on a large detection database which needs to be updated constantly, Previx 3.0 is different. It uses a behavior profile to determine if something bad is happening on your system.

Previx 3.0 is just another tool to use in your arsenal to keep you PC bug free.

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Get Previx 3.0 download here.