First UK swine flu patient death

First death of the `epidemic’ too…

Alberta To Immunize All Residents Against Influenza A (H1N1) By Fall

Couple Conceived Baby At Green Day Show, Named Child Dookie

Won’t little Adolph Hitler be upset….

Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, says that it’s almost as if Cheney wants to see the US attacked to prove Obama wrong….

Hopefully Cheney’s only good for one time…

Obama proposed $313 more in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid to fund his healthcare plan, which is expected to cost about one trillion dollars over the next decade.

Let’s take from the poor to give to the…. ummm… less poor?

Why is that blimp following me?

If you were at a sporting event, it might have been flying above the stadium, spying on you.  Raytheon has borrowed some tech it uses for the armed forces to spy…. errr… make sure everybody is safe.  They are even pitching the technology to cities, suggesting they attach LED billboards and sell advertising to help pay for the device.

Hate Loud Commercials? Well, They May Be Outlawed Soon

Of all the screaming waste of time pieces of knee-jerk legislation ever dreamed up, this one is my absolute favorite.