The story about Microsoft taking cost cutting measures by stopping the payments for employees iPhones, is not the real story. The real story is that Microsoft will pay for employees to use Windows Mobile Devices. You have to laugh at this. The employees know that the iPhone is a superior product.

According to one article it states that:

But for many Microsoft employees who use their devices to do company work on the road, it no doubt feels like a shafting. Compared to the iPhone, new BlackBerry software, or even Google (GOOG) Android, today’s Windows Mobile is clunky and unappealing.

But this is the sentence I liked:

New, less-crappy editions are on the way, but that doesn’t help today.

Which makes one wonder. Will Microsoft’s mobile every become a contender? I seriously doubt it when the popularity of the iPhone takes center stage. Microsoft has a tendency to think that anything it produces will be a winner. Unfortunately for Microsoft is not the case.

Users may be stuck with Windows and Office, but that doesn’t mean they have to accept other Microsoft products that are ‘crappy’ in comparison to other software and devices on the market.

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