Dell has announced that the bucks are flowing and cites their involvement with Twitter for making some $3 million in sales attributed to the social networking site. In fact Dell says on their blog that:

We’ve surpassed $2 million in revenue in terms of Dell Outlet sales, but we’re also seeing that it’s driving interest in new product as well. We’re seeing people come from @DellOutlet on Twitter into the site, and then ultimately decide to purchase a new system from elsewhere on If we factor those new system purchases that come from @DellOutlet, we’re actually eclipsed $3 million in overall sales.

This is good for Twitter as well as the social networking attempts to find a way to generate income. Currently Twitter does not charge companies for advertising the companies presence, but that could change as Twitter traffic grows. Another article states that:

“For now, monetization of this type of activity remains unknown,” Twitter spokeswoman Jenna Sampson said in a statement. “However, as the network grows, the company will be committing more resources toward profitability.”

Gartner analyst Allen Weiner said such financial success could provide a model for Twitter, itself, to make money.

“Certainly one of the ways Twitter can begin to think of itself as a money-making operation is to facilitate a lot of these things, build it as part of the infrastructure. So if you’re a company, you can pay Twitter a certain amount of money and they can directly distribute coupons on your behalf, or clear transactions,” Weiner said.

If Twitter can turn a profit from those who Tweet, it could be a viable business model that some are seeking on the Internet. Let us face facts. It is now to have a large crowd flooding your network, but the name of the game is M O N E Y !

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