Best Buy is going to start to sell electric motorcycles and bikes soon. The first model is called Enertia, cost $12,000 and have a 45 mile range before it needs recharging. Other electric bike models will follow starting next month from Currie Technologies and Ultra Motor. There is no pricing currently available.

According to the Brammo web site it states the following:

Brammo Inc. is one of those companies that needs to generate some buzz. In July, Ashland, Ore.-based Brammo will launch the Enertia, an all-electric, modern take on a cafe racer-style motorcycle. The bike will first go through a trial sales test in West Coast area Best Buy stores, as the company counts the retailer’s venture arm Best Buy Capital as a shareholder.

“We’ve got some ideas about how to go after our marketing and we want to be cost effective and creative,” Chief Executive Craig Bramscher said. “Best Buy obviously has a lot of people coming through their doors, but we want them to really understand electric vehicles.”

I think this will be an interesting concept and should demonstrate how willing we Americans will go to be green.

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