A group of some 38 computer scientists, law professors and security experts have gathered to urge Google to secure their stuff. The group has asked Google to secure Gmail, Google Doc’s and Google Calender from prying eyes. Recommended to the search giant is secure encryption to prevent snooping by others and data loss.

Google responded immediately stating they would do it. Google also stated that:

Google quickly responded by saying that is is considering doing just what the group is asking for. Google also turned the spotlight on its rivals, which do not generally offer HTTPS protection. In a blog post, Alma Whitten, a software engineer on the security and privacy teams, wrote: “Free, always-on HTTPS is pretty unusual in the email business, particularly for a free email service, but we see it as an another way to make the web safer and more useful. It’s something we’d like to see all major webmail services provide. In fact, we’re currently looking into whether it would make sense to turn on HTTPS as the default for all Gmail users.”

But what was interesting was the fact that Google Gmail already has built in security:

(Gmail users who want to activate HTTPS before Google makes it a default should log into their Gmail accounts, click on “Settings,” and scroll to “Browser connection” at the very bottom of the screen. Click on “Always use https” and then “Save changes” to activate the security feature.)

I didn’t know that. Did you?

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