I’m (reluctantly) in the market for a new VoIP service plan, as AT&T has announced that it is discontinuing its CallVantage VoIP operation. Although I’ve been a relatively happy CallVantage subscriber for five years, it came as no surprise when AT&T’s email announcing the impending discontinuation of service quietly landed in my inbox a few weeks back.

After its initial introduction (with great fanfare), CallVantage seemed to collect dust and little attention from the telecom giant. When the iPhone rolled out, there was no push to add integration. At that point, I could see that the writing was on the wall… but the VoIP service kept working and I felt no impelling reason to switch providers.

With the cartoon grand piano hung on a string over my head, I know I need to make that move at some point before December. While AT&T didn’t provide an exact end-of-service date, it’s clear that its VoIP service won’t outlast the year.

Contraction in the VoIP industry is a concern. I’m not eager to jump to an upstart provider only to see it go belly-up. That having been said, I’m not keen on giving any more money to Comcast…