Though I have no reasonable explanation, Microsoft wants to push Internet Exploder 8 ® very hard; the company seems to be doing quite a job of giving it the hard sell. It seems to be some point of honor with the company, yet the way the push is being made shows very little honor is involved.

While many are fussing over Opera, and the changes brought by its latest revision, and Safari, and its claims of speed, Microsoft manages to coerce, cajole, and captivate many into downloading, and then using, Internet Exploder 8.

In the United States, Microsoft agreed to donate meals for the needy every time the browser was downloaded. In Australia, that tack must have been deemed insufficient, so a game with $10K as the top prize was arranged, with the catch that to win the money (and play the game) Internet Exploder 8 must be used. This is not the first time Microsoft has used direct bribery to promote an inferior product; do you remember Live Search for Dollars? I’m guessing that Microsoft was sure that any money spent in the EU would be a bad idea, coming on the heels of the problems already brewed by their browser, and its inclusion in the upcoming operating system.

But what really takes the cake, in light of the multitudinous testings  that everyone from ZDNet to the bagboy at the neighborhood grocery store has performed, is the effrontery that Microsoft shows with this page.

Those who visit the page, and get the facts (according to Microsoft) will find that, far from the standard thoughts of many, Internet Exploder 8 is faster, more secure, more standards compliant, and reliable than any other browser known to work with the Windows operating system.

Using it also cures cancer, makes you a more noble person, and increases your lifespan by 23%.



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