I’ve been wracking my brain cells for an image that will give the feeling of Creative Fat Grrl to use in a link exchange. After much searching of soul and Google Images I have come up with a plan to use paper chain dolls. Do you remember those? Have you ever made one? I’m still in the drawing stages for mine but I did find interesting links and ideas for making more of your own. Maybe you will try it, again, or for the first time. It’s a simple way to create something nice.

Fancy Nancy Paper Chain Dolls has a pattern with a ruffled skirt.

Kiddley is making paper doll chains and decorating them.

Mumsgather has ballerina and boy paper chain dolls.

Stampington & Company has a chain doll pattern with braids.

Sketch & Jones has a really nice design that would be hard to cut out.

The Origami Resource Center has patterns for making a variety of paper dolls including one in a circle.

Sue has very fancy chain paper dolls photographed on Flickr.

Kraken Crafts made a paper gnome chain.

Mad Gardener has a curly haired paper doll chain.

Creative Muse has a chain with winged dolls.

In making my own this afternoon I found it crucial to have the hands a bit larger than you would choose so that the connection between each doll is strong enough to survive the unfolding. If you make any yourself please post pictures and add the link in comments here. My own pattern turned out kind of nice. 🙂