What happens when you share something with your friends through e-mail or a Web site? Your goal is for them to respond and tell you what they think, and this can happen through an e-mail, a phone call, or any other method for that matter. Yes, this communication can happen in a bunch of detached ways that don’t connect and aren’t organized. You’ll get their thoughts eventually, but who knows how that’s going to happen. VoiceThread is a service that takes content like pictures, documents, and videos and groups the conversations around them.

As you would expect, the site enables you to share content with others and gives it a home on the Web, but it’s the way in which others interact with the content that is so impressive. Most services just let people comment on the content with text, but in addition to that method, VoiceThread also enables viewers to comment with their voice through a microphone or telephone, an audio file, or a video through a webcam. Your audience can even draw on the content being discussed while commenting. This makes it possible for people to deliver their thoughts in the way that works best for them, and it won’t matter to the content originator how this is done because all of the feedback is made available in one place without any hassles.