According to some people like Barry Diller, who operates some 30 Internet sites which make $1.5 billion, he thinks we will all be paying to view sites in 5 years. According to this man, the Internet is just “an accident of historical moment that will be corrected”. An accident? Historical moment? Corrected? By who?

According to one news article it states Barry Diller as saying:

“I absolutely believe the Internet is passing from its free days into a paid system. Inevitably, I promise you, it will be paid,” Diller said in a keynote discussion opening up the Advertising 2.0 conference held at his company’s futuristic glass building alongside the Hudson River in Manhattan. “Not every single thing, but anything of value. “

What was he going to say to a group of advertisers? The Internet will be a flop and advertising will fail?

What do you think? Will you pay for content on the Internet to make more money for some corporation  that says that is the way it is going to be?

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