There should be an image here!Is the city of Bozeman going too far? Let me ask you this – would you be willing to hand over your social network login(s)? Most of us would never dream of such a thing. Despite those feelings, this is what the Bozeman city jobs require it apparently.

The news really got out there once a local news outlet got a hold of the details of just what it takes to work for the city. What, a background check and a credit history is just not enough anymore? Is this a public office? No? Then why in the world someone’s social media activities matter?

Simple, it’s a reflection on your employer. Yes, even I when using Twitter or Facebook, has to be careful on behalf of those I am contracting with. So I can see the logic in asking the employee for commonsense restraint. Does this mean that it makes sense for someone working for the city should also be careful with their efforts in the social web? Of course. But asking someone to turn over their login info, is ridiculous.