You do have to laugh. Most of you are aware that Microsoft has changed their policy on being able to downgrade to Windows XP, now until April 2011. Of course the other requirement Microsoft has slapped on is the exception if and when SP1 for Windows 7 arrives. I liked the end of a Microsoft statement which said ‘if a service pack was needed’. LOL

You gotta be joking there Microsoft. What was the last operating system that didn’t have a service pack? Any way, the real story is that people still love their Windows XP no matter what Microsoft does or say about Vista or Windows 7. Folks are content to keep an operating system that is nearing its eigth birthday, which in tech years, is really getting up there in age. So what is it about XP that people just can’t live without?

According to one source over at the Market Share site, they estimate that about 61% of users still are hanging on to Windows XP.

I have four computers in our home and two are still using Windows XP without a problem. I think my wife would be down right angry if I took her XP away. So what is it about XP that people just don’t want to give it up?

Let us know your XP story.

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