According to an article over at the Technology Review site, a car from Coda Automotive located in China, could be the first company to launch an electric car in the U.S. The vehicle which will have a price tag of about $45k, could sell for about $30k after governmental rebates. The car will get about 100 miles between charges, which can be charged in about 8 minutes. Sound good? Maybe too good.

In addition to trying to bring the car to market ahead of its competition, Coda hopes to distinguish itself with its battery system, which it developed in cooperation with Tianjin Lishen, a major lithium-ion battery maker based in China, and other companies that specialize in different aspects of the battery system, such as the electronic controls. Kevin Czinger, Coda’s president and CEO, says that the company jointly owns the factory that makes the battery packs, which will help Coda ensure a steady supply of batteries. This is also true for the Japanese automakers Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, but he says that his company is ramping up production for electric vehicles faster. By the end of the year, the company’s battery factory will be able to produce 20,000 packs a year. “The scale and speed with which we’re doing it are very different than the Japanese,” Czinger says. “The ownership of mass manufacturing of the battery system distinguishes us from everybody else.”

There is some good news. Once the car goes into production it is hoped that the price will eventually be about $25k without rebates.

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