Having files on your computer is one thing, but if you want to share them with others you’ll have to figure out which solution works best for you. If you have a solid list of people that you want to share a file with, then you can send it to them through e-mail or upload it to a server and link them to it. When you want to share a certain file with the public in general, then it makes sense to use a Web host, but a lot of the free hosts out there are all about simply sharing files. File2.ws is a service that turns the files that you want to share into their own Web pages.

This site supports a bunch of different file formats and doesn’t require you to create an account of any kind. When you upload a file, it turns into its own URL. The nice thing about these custom pages is that they aren’t just simple landing pages that provide a link to download a file. While they do offer that, they also let you preview the file before you download it so that you have an idea about what is it that you’re downloading. In many cases, users won’t even have to download anything because they can experience it right away.