The military calls it ‘search and destroy’ amd it appears that is exactly what Microsoft is doing. They have declared war on McAfee and Symantec. Their new Microsoft Security Essentials, aka Morro, will have a HUGE advantage over anything that McAfee and Symantec will be able to offer. It will be 100% free for the asking, will work with XP, Vista and Windows 7 and oh yeah, did I mention it will be free?

Now before you start throwing rocks at me for being a Microsoft shill, let me defend myself and my beliefs that free security software is the only way to go. About six years ago I dumped Symantec aka Norton anti-virus for AVG and haven’t looked back. I’ve been using the free version of AVG without a problem. No bugs, no viruses, no malware, no nothing.

Many of you have had similar results using the free version of Avast. Which makes one beg to ask? Why buy ANY security programs when there is free stuff available. The next question, or maybe it is more of an observation is this. It is the user who gets themselves infected and not the OS. People are just flat out ignorant, stupid, lazy, careless [pick anyone you like]. No matter how many times people are warned about the dangers of the Internet, there are those who choose to ignore the advice. There are those who do not keep their protections updated and those who don’t even have any protections in place.

By Microsoft offering free security protections they are saying to McAfee and Symantec, you are no longer needed. People do not have to pay blood money to protect Windows. We [Microsoft] can do a better job.

What do you think?

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