I bet you can’t believe who is giving you this discount? None other than your friends at Microsoft. In an effort to get you to be a Bing user, Microsoft is making this discount available to you. You must use Internet Explorer in order for the process to be complete. Oh yes …… if this doesn’t work please do not shot the messenger. LOL

Directions for activation and discount:

Bing, a search engine no one uses, is trying to lure users by offering cash incentives. One of those incentives is a 35% discount at the AT&T (NYSE: T) Online Store, which means you can get a new iPhone 3G S for as low as $130!

If you are new to AT&T:

  1. Visit ATT Wireless website and validate your email address with Premier.
  2. Check your email and click the link to your ATT Premier Store.
  3. Open a new tab with the same browser that your ATT Premier Store is open in.
  4. Go to bing.com in the new tab and search “att wireless”
  5. Click the 35% CashBack Sponsored Link
  6. Sign into your CashBack account and get redirected to the main AT&T Wireless page.
  7. In the top right enter the term “Premier” into the search bar.
  8. Click the first link that reads “at&t premier login”
  9. You will get directed to the same Premier store you have open in the original tab.
  10. Congratulations, you are in the Premier store under the CashBack AT&T Site

If you’re not:

  1. Go to bing.com
  2. Search ” ATT WIRELESS “.
  3. Click the AT&T sponsored link, you will redirected (after you enter your email) to either the regular AT&T store or the Premier store depending on which account you have
  4. Log in to your account and make your purchase.
  5. The cashback will show up as “pending” after a couple of hours.

If it takes more than 48 hours for the cashback to show up, contact bing’s customer service then you will asked for your order number, method of payment( I attached my whole purchase order to the email): Your cash will show up within hours.

Again, please don’t shoot the messenger if this procedure doesn’t work. Complain to Microsoft.