Sure, we read about it, a few months back. Did anyone think that anyone, other than Microsoft employees, would ever give it a second thought? Certainly not me. After all, with the number of open source license models available, and the multiple nuance levels of ‘openness’ available, who would have thought another was needed, or wanted.

from Maximum PC

Microsoft’s open-source Microsoft Public License (MS-PL) is increasingly becoming popular with open-source developers. The MS-PL is still in its infancy having been approved by the Open Source Initiative only a couple of years ago, but it has steadily risen to take the 10th spot among open-source licenses (ranked according to popularity). Around 1.02 percent of all open-source projects are currently licensed under the MS-PL. If it continues in the same vein, it will leave the Mozilla Public License (MPL) behind in the popularity stakes very soon. Microsoft’s open-source code hosting service Codeplex is a key force driving the rising popularity of the Microsoft Public License.

I’m rather fond of the GNU copyleft license, how about you?


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