When someone starts a line of thinking that is simply not well supported, yet others continue with that thread, can it be called anything else?

Mary-Jo Foley, perhaps in response to the questioning of someone not possessed of much attention span. or perhaps due to some need to put up an article to fill space, answers the question, “What will people in the European union do, now that Microsoft is withholding Internet Exploder 7 from the release of Windows 7?”

Gee-whiz, Henny Penny, the world is coming to an end. Can’t you see the sky falling?

ZDNet is alleged to be, above all else, a site for those in the IT business, or otherwise concerned with information technology. Does this target audience really need explanation of what the removal of Internet Exploder means?

It means the users who are stupid enough to buy it will have to add (another) browser to their machines. (oops, I made the incorrect assumption that everyone will make a conscious decision to buy it, sorry!) Let’s see. Since we are assuming that these people know how to use the computer that they are buying/receiving/stuck with (choose any one), they have any of several choices.

They can use their existing computer, and download  a browser of their own choosing, to add when the Windows 7-equipped computer arrives, saving the browser to a CD or thumbdrive. If, by chance, the Windows 7 computer is the first computer for them, they can go to the library/local college/friend’s house (choose one) to do their download.

If, by some insane chance, the assumption is being made that these people are incapable of installing a web browser, perhaps they should not be worrying about using a computer, and check into voluntary euthanization.


You see things; and you say: “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say: “Why not?”

George Bernard Shaw

the above quote is often attributed to Robert F. Kennedy, but he was simply bringing Shaw to a larger audience.

Get a faster browser, download Opera

– European readers, get your browser here, before surrendering to Windows 7E!

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