It is easy for some to say that the U.S. and other countries should stay out of the current volatile political situation in Iran. But after seeing the video of a young Iranian girl named Neda, who was gunned down in the street for no reason, I cannot imagine how anyone with a conscience could not want to get involved. No matter what your political party or your feelings about the Obama presidency, the people of Iran are calling out to the world for assistance.

Over at YouTube they have a homemade video showing the girl after being shot and her dying in the street with what appears to be her father at her side. The video claims that this was a peaceful protest and that Neda was shot by a policeman/militia. In fact on the same page they have a picture of a possible suspect in the killing.

I sincerely hope that the U.S. takes a position on this matter and to support the protesters and not the illegal Iranian government.

YouTube video of Neda be killed