Twitter is growing exponentially as each day passes. It’s rather remarkable, actually. Here is a service that is incredibly simple, yet it’s exactly the type of thing that people have been waiting for. When the service first launched, it wasn’t very difficult to keep up with who was tweeting and what they were saying, but with such a large ongoing influx of new users, this task has become challenging. Thankfully, services have begun to emerge that make finding people on Twitter much easier. A site called tweepz is just one of these search engines.

When you use something like tweepz, Twitter instantly becomes an even more important tool because you can find the right people to follow based on your interests. With this service, you can search through people’s bios, names, locations and so on. Once you search for something, you can then filter the results that are delivered to you by number of followers, number following, and join date just for starters. The site may not include everyone, but it’s a great starting point.