The dark sunglasses are still present. That may be one of the few constants that remains of David Duval’s game. The golf swing is much different. And the results have chronicled the struggles of the 2001 British Open winner.

David Duval once was heralded as a challenger to Tiger Woods. People compared their golf skills and anticipated years of golf battles between the two. Then injuries devastated David Duval’s golf game. Presently, David Duval is ranked at 882. It has been a long and precipitous fall from the very top of his profession.

The reason why David Duval has had such a struggle remains a mystery. Some speculate that, along with the physical problems, there has been a lost of confidence. Whatever the reason, it illustrates vividly that maintaining a world class golf game is a precarious task. David Duval has fallen from being one of the top money winners to journeyman’s wages.

However, David Duval is playing at the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black and he is on the leader board. It is a tribute to persistence. It is a tribute to resilience. At the end of the third round, David Duval is in third place. He is on the leader board again. And whether David Duval wins the U.S. Open or not, he has shown that those world class golf skills are still there. He can compete at the highest level. Welcome back, David Duval – we have been waiting for you.

Catherine Forsythe