Gnomie Haarukka from Finland writes:

Dear Chris,

This issue has annoyed me for years. There truly is no other operating system in the computer world than Windows for gaming. Of course some games are being released for other platforms, but mostly for Windows systems only. Myself, I’m a huge fan of Linux and I love the whole concept of open source, but there is no way I can use it. I would also love to try Macs and their operating systems, but there is no way I could use them. All the games are being released on Windows.

It really seems that Microsoft is having a monopoly standing in the computer world. Here in Finland people mostly only use Windows-based systems and all the affordable computers have it installed. People seem afraid to try other operating systems because all their lives they have used Windows.

By having this monopoly standing it feels like Microsoft can sell me anything. Good example of this is Vista, which feels like a complete failure with its BSODs and stupid remarks when it crashes. For me and my friends it was still a must have with its new feature called DirectX 10 for your new graphics cards.

I strongly feel that this monopoly standing of Microsoft is only doing harm to the consumers. What are your feelings about this matter?