There should be an image here!Let me perfectly honest here. Get over it. Google does a lot for open source, no question about that. And they even use a variation of Ubuntu on some of their machines. But they are not in any hurry to make software commitments with GTalk w/Video or Google Video Chat. Sorry to burst your bubble, not going to happen.

Yet if you are a regular Linux Fanatics reader, you already know that you are WAY better of with Skype in the first place on this platform. In other words, stop wasting you time and get to chatting! Most people I know have long since given up on this dream.

So hopefully I will not have to stumble upon any more blog posts about how mean Google is for not supporting this. Who cares? There are vastly more stable, usable options out there. Skype being the best among them if you are calling Windows and OS X users.