My buddy Charlie from Pioneer, CA sent me a link to Home Depot which shows that they are now selling laptop computers online. I took a look at some of the brands and Home Depot is carrying Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Panasonic and a few other brands So I compared pricing of one brand that Home Depot, Circuit City and Best Buy carry and which I bought bought back in November of last year.

There are two different models, one with a Intel CPU [Home Depopt & Circuit City] and the other with a AMD CPU [Best Buy] which I bought because of pricing. The laptop is a Toshiba 17″ Tru-Brite screen, 3GB Ram, 250 HD, Vista Home Premium, and web cam. Here are the different prices available from each store.

Best Buy:  $549

Home Depot:  $703

Circuit City:  $679

I seriously doubt that the performance difference between the Intel CPU and AMD CPU warrants the difference of $130 or more.

Comments welcome.