I’m not very good about documenting the trips that I take. I may take a couple of pictures, but that’s about it. Some people record everything about their trips through pictures and videos to the point that they’re basically able to relive the experiences in full detail. I don’t think I want to go overboard in this area, but I should probably do a slightly better job so that I can share travel highlights with others and won’t have to strictly rely on my memory. A basic travel journal is one thing, but MapVivo makes your travel memories interactive.

Text can be useful when telling a story, but it’s made even more interesting when it’s combined with visual elements. With MapVivo, you’re able to place points of interest on a map. By following the path, visitors are able to see where you traveled, and if you have a story or some pictures or videos that you want to share for a specific point, you can easily do so. These bits of content are easy to navigate and visualize, which makes the journey much more exciting to review for you and your friends.