Symantec is saying that Microsoft Security Essentials is not enough to protect users from the threats posed by the Internet. According to the folks at Symantec and AVG, we users need a whole lot more in order to be protected. They have stated the following:

“Early reviews of the beta are showing that it under-performs when compared to existing freeware products, and well below paid solutions,” said security firm Symantec in a statement.

“Referring to Microsoft’s basic anti-virus and anti-spyware product as an essential security solution is misleading. Consumers need firewall protection, web protection, anti-spam and identity safeguards,” it said.

AVG folks state:

J.R Smith, chief executive of security firm AVG, said Microsoft’s entry into the security market could “further confuse consumers about the inherent security of their computer”.

“It’s important to recognise that Microsoft’s role in the internet security realm is much like your relationship with your trusted family doctor. They can help diagnose the problems. In addition, they treat many general ailments. In the end, though, they are not a replacement for a specialist when you need one,” he said.

These comments remind me of what sales people are always trying to sell us. I recently bought a new car which I thought was expensive enough until the sales people hit me with these insurances. Extended warranty. I guess 3 years, 36k isn’t enough. Price for the policy $1899. Then there was gap insurance. This covers what ever your auto insurance doesn’t cover. Like damage sustained if your car is trampled by a herd of wild Camels. Cost was  $750. Than there was death insurance. The car is paid off if I die. Heh, if I’m dead I don’t give a rats ass what you do with the car. Take it back and ruin my credit. I don’t care people. Cost for this was only $900.

So how much protection does your computer really need? MSE might not be enough, but what the others offer may be over kill.

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